Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wow, this is ridiculous

In case you missed this, it recently passed the South Dakota House of Representatives. Notice point 2 toward the bottom.


  1. i read a really good interview with kurt vonnegut (from 2006) the other day--basically it seemed like his life philosophy had boiled down to "well we've permanently fucked the planet over so now we should just be as nice to it as possible and have fun with each other until we become extinct." maybe this is a lazy apolitical stance to take, but i still really identify with it? agh

  2. Unless they meant to describe the sources that bring about the phenomenon of the weather, they probably should have written "affect" instead of "effect" in the astrology clause.... Just accentuates the idiocy of the resolution.

  3. youre right, letting people hear both sides of a debate is absolutely ridiculous