Friday, December 11, 2009

The blog may be relocating

So Eli decided to hop on the blogging bandwagon (I think everyone I know knows him, so no need for introductions). Ya know those blogs that are like, double-blogs? Well, we've got one now. Given our nearly identical interests, the thematic continuity of this blog shouldn't be disturbed. But just in case, I'll post everything here too until I can say with confidence that Eli is actually serious about joining forces. This vetting process should take no more than a few years. Meanwhile, check it out.


  1. Also, I will be genuinely sad to see the name "Sam's Posts" go to waste. (Maybe *I* need to start a blog)

  2. there might be room for a third at dualing personalities/(sam's posts for real)....that would almost put us at volokh conspiracy level, no?

  3. ugh I am just learning out to get to and now there's another site? I need to do an RSS feed but don't see the usual option on your site Sam. I agree with Sarah: Sam's Posts is too fabulous a blog title..Mom