Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hi! Welcome to my new blog. In starting it, I find myself feeling extremely self-conscious. Do I really have anything useful or interesting to add to the obscene amount of information already on the internet? Am I really so conceited to think I’m not just adding one more voice to a chorus that’s already too loud and also kind of annoying?

I won’t worry too much about it yet, because if you’re reading this blog right now, you are almost certainly my mother. On the other hand, I expect to one day reach a significantly larger audience: that is, the other members of my immediate family. Can I really expect them to add me to their bloated RSS feeds?

For now I can at least hope. But luckily, this blog is really just an excuse for me to pretend I have an audience to write for. Because I realized some time after starting music school that I actually miss writing about all the awesome and interesting things in the world. And I’d hate to lose the ability to do so coherently (if I haven’t already).

So every so often I’ll write my thoughts about soccer, science, philosophy, music, or whatever else is on my mind. Especially when I have free time. But especially when I don’t, but need to procrastinate. And I’ll post links too (mostly taken from my sister’s facebook wall). I hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear what you think either way.


  1. I am not your mother and I think I should get credit for being the first non - maternal follower. Looking forward to reading your stuff. I'm already hooked :)

  2. "Am I really so conceited"
    - Yes.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad you're doing this. You will join the narrow conduit between me and the world, currently consisting of Jon Stewart.

  3. My facebook posts will finally find an audience! Hooray!

  4. I decided to go alllll the way back to you very first blog entry to really see where you mind was when you came to this brilliant idea of rambling electronically. :) I'll check in from time to time, hm?